My time at Leeds – What have I done?


I’m getting to the stage in my life where events that happened 3 years ago are ridiculously blurry.

I’m Cait and I’m a fourth year Biological Sciences with Year in Industry (what a mouthful…) student. This will be my final year at Leeds.

Knowing that I would never ever want to become a “scientist”, at least in the traditional sense, I have spent my time at Leeds exploring what else there is to do.

In first year I got rejected from Dance Band, and so set up another jazz band full of other rejects. That was a pain in the arse. I also had an interview for MusicRoom where they basically used me for free labour for the day. By Christmas, I wanted to think about summer (..travelling), but also do it on the cheap. I worked after my exams for a week at Bramham Horse Trials, helping with catering, and with £300 in my pocket set off for a couple of weeks in Portugal. This was followed by Norway later in August. Throughout the year I also tutored an A Level student in Biology, got an internship with the uni (more on that in a min) and was a leafletter… Sorry ‘bout that. I think this year was also my “maybe I want to be a scientific journalist” year and I spent it trying and failing to write articles. I’m pretty bad at explaining soooo.

In second year I began my year by finding out that there’s another jazz band in Leeds that you don’t have to audition for! WINNING!!! Jazz and Blues Soc have a band, ladies and gents. Anyway, joined that and FoBSoc again for the infamous Garstang socials. The internship continued – I did some market research on personal tutoring for my faculty and this is basically what got me a placement year job. In September I volunteered for Leeds International Piano Competition – long days for free but also, lots of classical music and free dinners. I got majorly into swimming and went like, 5 times a week and also did Park Run every Saturday morning – it’s in Hyde Park park on Saturdays, 9 am.

Third year was my placement – I worked in Marketing at IBM. Now you might ask, how did this happen? Science? Marketing?? Well, let me tell you. It was a fluke. I slipped through their application net appaz. But no, basically, people trained in marketing really struggle with numbers and I am not a maths genius, but I can work excel and add up stuff so I got hired. This year also led me to start learning Mandarin, travelling alone for the first time (Iceland) and also meeting my boyf (we went to Copenhagen), start training for a half-marathon, breaking my phone screen twice and culminated in a work trip to WIMBLEDON. I had to “learn tennis” for the occasion.

But seriously, if you have questions about working in marketing or working in IBM then definitely question away.

And now we’re in final year! I extended my contract working as a placement student into August and then worked as a Marketing Consultant for a local engineering firm for August. Then I went to Canada for two weeks (first time Trans-Atlantic… not all of us are rich) and now I’m back, helping out organising this event!

Erm so if you have any questions about my time at Leeds, gimme a shout.



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