This English Student Will not be Unemployed!

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I’m currently doing this internship, setting up an event called a ‘Student Engagement Showcase’ at the University of Leeds. It’s so corporate sounding that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how much fun it’s been. This year I’ve been blessed with some great opportunities. Though I feel the word ‘blessed’ puts it down to luck, and I don’t want to do my own abilities injustice. Along a similar ‘boring-sounding-but-fun’ theme, in the summer I had a placement with the Department of Health, Safety and Wellbeing. Eughhh. Well my job was to create interactive training programmes for the department, particularly promoting lab safety. Still kind of eughh. Well I spent my days filming with a head cam, and editing fun dubstep remixes into my film to jazz the whole thing up. I learned so much, and I earned some good cash. Sorry, I’ll quit bragging now!

As an arts student, studying English Language, I am faced with the stigma of unemployment. Engineering students across campus seem to find great humour in my course. Others assume ‘you’ll be a teacher right?’. Nope, not even a little bit. Snotty teenagers, being undervalued, overworked and facing increasing bureaucracy- No thanks! But the unemployment thing is a worry. There is no straight forward career path with my course, but that actually excites me! I don’t know exactly what I’ll do when I finish, which clearly means that I’m a crazy thrill seeker who can’t be tamed. I’m learning more from my work experiences every day and all I can do is try my best and hope I seem more awesome than the others applying for the same things.

My current work, setting up the ‘Student Engagement Showcase’, could be another stepping stone towards going into the events industry. So far I’ve been setting up music events such as open mic nights and charity busking competitions (shameless promotion here, check it out:, but this is the first time I’ll be involved in setting up a larger, more ‘official’ event. We’re faced with the challenge of making something that sounds a little dry appeal to students, be useful and engaging enough to drag them out of their post-clubbing hangovers, but also remain corporate sounding enough to appeal to faculty. Phew, we’ve got plenty of work to do. The message is ‘come and have fun, learn things in a comfortable setting lead by other students, find out what opportunities there are, network, engage’. I set up this blog as a way of not only promoting the event, but encouraging students to communicate with one another about ways that they can ‘engage’. There it is again, that word so full of jargon, but once you get your head around it becomes pretty important.

Check out our engagement event:

And check out my personal blog if you like, as it’s a more thorough account of what I get up to. There’s lots of reviews of festivals I’ve been to, my attempt to understand political things, and my Netflix habits.

And let this be a post of comfort for all the art students out there. Don’t feel defeated just because people think Theatre Studies is just ‘acting’ or Media is a ‘wishy-washy’ degree. By engaging with opportunities around our course we’ll be more rounded and so capable!

(Beware, more horrifically cheesy motivational quotes to follow)




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