Update on the Student Engagement Showcase- From a Rambling Nicola.


I’m a bit of a blogging addict so can’t seem to keep my hands off this page! Here’s a bit of an ‘interim report’ of what we’ve been up to, but I’ll keep it brief, and less boring than the words ‘interim report’ make it sound.

Being an intern and making decisions is hard- it’s for grown-ups! We’ve not even graduated, which technically means that we don’t have to be one of those yet right? We’ve had to be super organised and have lots of meetings with designers, potential speakers, and events people. If the word ‘meeting’ doesn’t make you feel mature I don’t know what will! So we’re five weeks away from the Student Engagement Showcase and making steady progress, but I can’t help but feel that the pressure is on.

There have definitely been a few hiccups, but nothing too catastrophic (touch wood!). After some trouble with design concepts and way too much time spent on re-drafting, we find ourselves without one of those important visual ‘brand identities’. I find my emails have less hedging ‘sorry but’, and ‘if you don’t mind’ type phrases as time goes on, and ‘determined deadline’ Nicola comes out. She’s kind of like the green goblin of the events business, except rhetoric is her method of attack. No actually that was a really terrible and embarrassing analogy, forget I did that.

More embarrassing than my pitiful attempt at humour was our mission to get students to have their picture taken with blackboards to show the cool ways that they’ve been ‘engaging’ at uni. This was to help us promote the event. “Excuse me can we have a few minutes of your time” apparently screams ‘we want your money and your soul’, which became clear with the nervous students cowering in their seats. One girl flushed red and was nearly reduced to tears simply by our hello. Despite these set backs, out of dedication to our work and not sadism, we pursued; eventually getting some more positive responses. We found that students are doing some really interesting things! Apparently there’s a thing called ‘Korfball’, which is the only mixed-sex sport in the world, and also Leeds University students are crazy about yoga. That’d be the coursework stress making them cry out for relaxation maybe?

So right about now we’ve got a bunch of really impressive student speakers for the event, plans for fun workshop activities, and a good amount of attendees. I’ll feel better once the serious things are sorted though- wine and nibbles!




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